Make your next home a 'straw panel' building

Strawbuild has recently been appointed as the UK lead partner of Ecococon, the European, load bearing, pre-fabricated straw panel wall system enabling fast, weathertight construction to passive standard. We can provide a quote based on your outline design, for the supply and installation of pre-fabricated panels for both the walls and for the roof of your building. You will find the quote compares very favourably with the cost of other systems, as well as in performance and speed of construction. The high performance, high speed construction panels lock-up carbon and keep build and energy costs to a minimum.

Savings with straw panels

A typical 2 storey, 3 bed house built to passive standard from the Ecococon panels, can sequester 20,000kg of carbon in the fabric of the walls, saving the environment 140,000kg of CO2 emissions over 50 years. The super-insulating walls could save 4,000kWh of energy per year, thereby offering a financial saving in the region of £23,000 over 50 years.

  straw panels being errected  

The speed of construction saves on labour time and costs compared to other methods of straw bale building. Many typical house wall systems can be erected within a week. The panels can be internally finished with healthy clay plasters offering additional thermal mass, and externally rendered with low impact, healthy & durable lime, lime stabilized earth or timber cladding.

Not just the straw panel walls but the roof too

Weathertight at speed: Passive certified roof panels can also be supplied and fitted to the panel walls, with typical construction times of only one day. So weathertight houses, with their super-insulated ‘thermal envelopes’ can be erected swiftly in short time, minimising labour costs, weather risks and stress. The roofing panels are already UK manufactured and Ecococon is investing in research and development for localised manufacture of the walling panel system throughout partner countries. We aims to work with local UK manufacturing partners for wall panel production, particularly farmers, offering diversification through supply of winter panel construction work.

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