Straw bale wrap at Schumacher College, Devon.


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In concert with the "Natural Insulation" module of the Certificate in Natural Building course that Schumacher College ran in 2012, Strawbuild undertook an insulative straw bale wrap of the north face of the pictured building.

As the north face was the most exposed to wind on the site it required the most effective possible natural insulation, straw was of course the chosen material!

The project ran smoothly and the results so far have been very pleasing. The beautiful wooden cladding which now covers the straw bales is hard-wearing larch. This should keep the building protected and looking great for a long time to come.

To give students at the college a chance to experience a broad range of materials, wood-fibre boards were used as external insulation on the east face of the building and hemp and lime was used on the south.