Straw bale building design services and consultancy ...

Preparation is critical to any build. We provide a wide range of services to help your build go as smoothly as possible. There are several key stages before you can start on site, all of which we can help you with:

Finding land to build with straw

Not easy! If you have a particular site in mind we can help you look at feasibility; assessing the likelihood of getting permission to do what you want to do and flagging up potential problem areas and points for consideration.

Planning permission

Most new buildings in the U.K. require approval from your Local Planning Authority. Planning is primarily about controlling development so the right buildings are built in the right places. Planners are mainly interested in location, external appearance and how a building relates to its surroundings and infrastructure.


With extensive experience in planning consultancy we can advise, for example, when planning permission is not necessary or when your proposal is likely to clash with planning policy. We can prepare and submit pre-application enquiries, planning applications, prior notifications, listed building and conservation area applications. If youíre unsure what you need to do please donít hesitate to ask!

Building regulations

The Building Regulations are much more technical than Planning. There are many different sections of the Regulations covering topics as diverse as structural integrity, fire, disabled access, electrical work and glazing in critical locations among other things. The basic aim is to ensure that buildings are soundly built, energy efficient and safe for users. We can prepare and submit your Building Regulations application and see it through to its conclusion.

Construction drawings

These are the detailed working drawings that form the basis of the building work.

Can I get approvals for a straw building?

Planning permission: People often ask if planners will reject a building if itís to be made from straw, to which the answer is ďnoĒ. Planners are far more concerned with what the outside of a building looks like than what itís made from. Whilst there are high profile cases of planners trying to enforce demolition of straw bale buildings, itís usually because they donít like where theyíve been built, not because of what theyíre made from.

Building regulations: These can be a little more tricky, simply because some Local Authorities donít have experience of natural materials and how they perform; especially in relation to structural loading, performance in a fire and against rodents or insects. With good detailing and construction, none of these are a problem (and we can provide details and test reports to back this up). However, in some cases itís easier to use one of the specialist independent Building Control bodies with previous experience of dealing with straw bale buildings.

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